Search Engine Optimization

C3 LLC Search Engine Optimization

Our C3 LLC search engine optimization team like to see your rank high. Our best-in-SEO practices will give you the result’s you are waiting for!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of improving a websites visibility in search engines. More specialties, it is the process of improving a website’s ranking in organic results. Research has shown that the higher a website is ranked in search engines, the more visitors it will receive which will give your business for higher level marketing. In business era it’s more important to have a professional optimized website for your good business marketing. Thousands of new websites are added to the World Wide Web every day and search engines literally have thousands of results to search through. Our C3 LLC SEO team uses best-in-SEO techniques to improve your site achieve high ranking results for your specific services to get the visitors you deserve!.

The C3 LLC SEO Process

SEO Analysis:

The first thing we do is what we call an SEO Analysis. If you have a website and are looking SEO we analyze your current website to find what exactly it is doing right and what exactly it is doing wrong and where improvements can be made we monitoring ate the meta tags, keywords, page ranks, indexed of web pages, inbound links, web designs of the site, the web structure, the relevance of the content, etc. This gives us a good idea of what we are working with and takes us to next step…. Requirement you!

Search Requirements:

We would like to know you and your business. We offer world class customer services and know about you and your business as possible as can. This allows us to give you a perfect personalized experience that is maintained throughout the course of the project and beyond.

Keyword and Competition Analysis:

A keyword is the process of analyzing specific keywords that are relevant to your services and will drive traffic to your site. This is not something we take easily. We do carefully consider every possible combination of keywords that could drive traffic to your site and select the keywords that are perfect for you.

On-Work SEO:

On-work optimization is done during the Web design and development of your site (or changes made to your current website) to the actual web pages. This adds everything from meta tags, file structure, layout, navigation, keywords, relevant and unique content, page names and clean, W3C compliant markup. Remember, we want your website to be optimized for the search engines AND visitors.

Post- Execute SEO:

After your website goes live the SEO process will continues. We create sitemaps and submit them to major search engines, create webmaster accounts and add Google Analytics, submission to local directories (Google Places, etc.), and start a monthly backlink campaign to get your site as many quality links as possible. We then provide you with monthly reports of your SEO performance that includes and Keyword Ranking report, Google Analytics Traffic report, and a list of services performed to your site.